domingo, 19 de marzo de 2017


DAY 6. Monday, March 13, 2017

Roskear Primary and Nursery School

-In this school the assistant head teacher welcomes us and she gives us a tour around the school showing us all the classroom and explaining how their school works. She is very pleased to tell us about their school and asks a lot of questions about schools in Spain that we happily answer.
-We start off at the Nursery classroom where they do the register and then they review the spring vocabulary they are learning at the moment.
-The class has 5 corners well differenciated: Computer, builder’s yard, count and match, investigate and topic.
-They give a lot of importance to the red words, words that can’t be sounded out (I, the, said, what, was, me, you, she, be, we) and their green words, high frequency words (moon, dog, high, bird, sun, mat, fit, ship, chop)
-They also have a Learning Wall that displays all the things they have been learning so far with a picture of the activity.
-They also have children observation sheets where they write once or twice per week about what the child has accomplished.
-Library is very well organized into 3 main areas: Nursery rhymes (simple songs and poems), newspaper reports (information facts about different subjects) and fiction (stories that describe imaginary events)
-In this school, as well as the other schools, they have a big number of TA teachers that help in the classrooms and also they have a speech specialist (AL) and a TA in charge of helping those kids which first language is not English (Compensatoria).
-The school slogan, the 4Rs: A good learner is resilient, reciprocal, resourceful and reflective.
-Children participate in the school council so their voice is heard. This is a very important matter in this schools. Everyone needs to be heard.
*Reading wrist bands. A chart with different colors stripes is displayed where children can move their names depending on the amount of books they have read so far. They are given a different plastic wrist band when they move up on their reading level.
Year 2 bulleting boards: Math, Science, Literacy, Reading, Topic.
Year 6. They are very busy preparing the SAT exams they will take in May so there are 2 classes but at this time they are permanently split in 3 groups by their ability levels.

Por Maria Josefa Gonzalez Roces, profesora del CEIP Moreno Espinosa , Cebreros, Avila.