domingo, 19 de marzo de 2017


DAY 9. Thursday, March 16th, 2017.

YEAR 2 CLASS- Treloweth school

The teacher and the TA in this class are really welcoming and take every possible opportunity to explain things to me and also to ask me questions about my school system and how we do things there differently from here.
First of all the teacher asks them about their lunch choices and while they were doing that the principal came to congratulate them for the great work they are doing and how well they behaved the day before while the general observations with principals from different schools took place.
After this, they dance a wake and shake dance. (YOUTUBE: JUST DANCE KIDS) This way they start the day off with energy. Sometimes they also dance this wake and shake videos in between lessons.
They start with some interactive games in the whiteboard. They need to match statements, commands, questions and exclamations.
Before the game starts the teacher tells them to sit straight and give him a smile, so he makes sure every student is ready.
He makes sure they all know the answers to the questions before a kid gets up and goes to the board to match the sentences.
Yesterday they wrote a description about a pirate and did a report on how life as a pirate is like.
If a kid isn’t paying attention the teacher says: Peter, that’s your warning.
They go through the different parts their writing piece is going to have talking a text about fire fighters as a model.
Parts: Title, introduction, subheadings, conjunctions (and, because, so, also), technical vocabulary, summary/conclusion.
They read the text about fire fighters and they identify these different parts together and they highlight it in different colors using a ruler.
It takes them a minimum of 3 days (3h) to produce a nice piece of writing. (0.Explore the topic) 1. Plan 2.Writing 3.Improved piece. This has more stages for the higher grades.
Plan-Brainstormed questions
  1. What jobs do pirates do?
  2. What clothes do pirates wear?
  3. How do they survive in the sea?
  4. What do they eat?
  5. How do they find treasures?
  6. How do they have fun?
  7. How do they stay clean?
1 hand on 1 hip and say HIP!
1 hand on the other hip and say HIP!
Hands up and you say: HORRAY!


The class is divided in 3 groups to work on fractions (by ability level):
-1 group works with the TA
-1 group works with the teacher
-The other group work on their own, some on fraction problems some on fractions.
*To get their attention: Clap once, clap twice, clap 3 times!


When we come back from the break a small group of students is working on phonics in the hall with a TA. They are working on the “ow” sound. First, the TA reads 5 words to them with the “ow” sound in them. Brown, cow, how, down, town.
Then she sounds out the words one by one and they copy each word on their notebooks.
Once they are done, the TA reads a story to them with lots of “ow” words. They go over the sentences identifying the “” so they know it I a conversation and they need to change their voices, ?, !, ect.
The next day they will have to re-read that story doing buddy reading.

Por Maria Josefa Gonzalez Roces, profesora del CEIP Moreno Espinosa , Cebreros, Avila.